Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Letters from Goldfish are so tasty!

I received this fascinating letter from Gilbert Goldfish today. His book is landing in bookstores this week! Meow! If you'd like to find out more about Gilbert and his tale of woe, visit the fabulous Kelly DiPucchio's website, www.kellydipucchio.com

Dear Tabby,

I am a little fish with a big problem. I have everything a goldfish could ever want or need, except a pet of my own.   
I noticed that you sign all of your letters “Purrfectly yours”.  Will you be purrfectly mine?

Gilbert Goldfish

PS…I do not have any table scraps to include with this letter, but I'm sending you plenty of tasty dry flakes.
PSS…I live in a castle. I think you would like it here.

Dear Gilbert:

I have never received a letter from a goldfish before. I'm just curious, would you say that goldfish are like sardines? You know, salty and slightly fishy but also a bit...tender? 

And these flakes you've sent. Would you say they could also be used as seasoning? Perhaps sprinkled on a very small fish and then lightly sauteed in a bit of extra virgin olive oil?

It all sounds very interesting. I'd love to come to your castle right away. Please put out the drawbridge.

Purrfectly yours--

Tabby D. Cat

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