Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What is Dori Chaconas's Cat up to?

Dori Chaconas, as many of you are aware, is a very famous children's book author. Her cat, Baccus the Catcus, is not as famous. But I'm sure that's not for long.  To read more about Dori and her books, go to:
Her books are Fabtastic, friends!

And now, on to her cat's letter:

Dear Tabby:

I think I must have been born upside down because that's the way I prefer to see the world. My human thinks it's unnatural for me to live my life with my feet up in the air and the dog barks at me when I'm on my back. (He doesn't know how stupid he looks upside down and I'm not going to tell him.) The world is beautiful when the sky is on the bottom and the grass is on the top. Do you think I have a problem, or do you think it's  the rest of the world that has the problem?


Baccus the Catcus

Dear Baccus the Catcus:

What a lovely, poetic letter! I am thinking that you are the kind of feline who marches to a different drummer, preferably to a song like "Stray Cat Strut." (Do you know that song by the Stray Cats? It's my theme song, along with "I Feel Pretty.")

Lucky me, you have already answered your own question within your letter. Of course it's the rest of the world's problem! Hey, and don't let them forget that messy litter boxes, huge cat hair tumbleweeds and claw marks on furniture are also their problems. They are extremely lucky to live with us. Don't you ever let them forget it!

Purrfectly yours--

Tabby D. Cat

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