Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Too Cute or Too Guilty?

Dear Tabby:

Please solve this ethical dilemma for me. I am an extremely cute and energetic miniature poodle, and my parents leave me at home alone for some time during the day.

Today my mom came home while I had my head in the garbage can and accused me of eating garbage! I leaped backwards out of the can with the swinging lid banging against my cute little face, and stared her down. "Who me?" I was thinking. Her response was this: "I saw your hindquarters and legs wagging in the air, so I know it was you down there."

I feel she is not entitled to blame me, since she did not see my face attached to any garbage.

What do you think, Dear Tabby?


Too Cute 

Dear "Too Cute:"

I must admit that little alarms go off in my head whenever a pet refers to himself as "too cute." Could it be that you have relied on your good looks for a little too long, my friend? I say, don't use that cuteness as a crutch. Sure, it's easy to put on that puppy dog face and reduce dozens of humans to mush with one glance, but I think you're better than that, Too Cute.

And come on, we both know you were in that garbage. Face the music, Too Cute, and get yourself a different name while you're at it.

Purrfectly yours--

Tabby D. Cat

This letter was sent to me by Carol Grannick. Interestingly enough, Carol really is Too Cute. What's even more interesting is that we both share a love of giving advice to others. For more information about writer and therapist Carol Grannick, go to

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