Monday, April 16, 2012

From Sam The Sirloin Steak

From farmer Fred's Farm
In the last stall on the
right side of the barn.

Dear Tabby,

I have a huge problem! Every minute of every hour, a butcher has been chasing me up and down the field! I know my name sounds perfect for butchering, but I definitely don't want to end up in Aldi! What should I do?

Thanks for your advice! Hurry!

Same the Sirloin Steak

Dear Sam the Sirloin Steak,

Going to the butcher is not a bad thing. I mean You'd make a ton of ground beef once you kick the bucket. I'm sure that you won't feel a thing. I am sorry to say so myself, but I am a sucker for a good sirloin steak. You won't be the only cud chewing cow to ever be butchered by Butcher Ben. I'll see you soon, on my dinner plate, that is! Smack Smack! (Of the lips)

Purrfectly yours and hungry,

Tabby D. Cat

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