Thursday, May 10, 2012

Turn that frown upside down, Grumpy!


Dear Tabby,

My next door (dog) neighbor keeps chewing on
 MY bone!!!!  it VERY annoying.
 There is now big drools of slobber on it
. (That are not mine.) EWW!!!!!!!!!

                                                    grumpy >:0
Dear Grumpy,
This is very disturbing. It's bad enough that your neighbor 
chews on your bone, but big drools of slobber? That's just too much!
Here's my advice. Smear your bone with something stinky and yucky--
like cod liver oil or mashed up Brussels sprouts--then leave it out where your neighbor will find it.  
He will soon get the message to keep his drool off of your bone!
If that doesn't work, well, you could always move.
Purrfectly yours--

Tabby D. Cat 

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