Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Student letters!

The letters have been pouring in! I can barely keep up! There was even a voicemail from a Mystery Caller. Hmmmm...

I will continue with more Letters From Famous Authors and Their Pets, but first let's hear from a few fifth grade students at Whittier. They did such a fantastic job! What I love most about their letters is that they provided their own answers to their problems. All I have to do is post them! Purrfect for a somewhat lazy kitty like moi.

Here is a correspondence between Tabby and Roger The Mole:

Dear Tabby:

Hi I'm Roger the mole and I got a problem. You see, every morning I wake up and it's dark, so I go outside and it's light so I go inside and it's dark so I go outside and it's light so I go inside and it's dark! I do this all day untill I go to bed, then I wake up and do it all over again! My friends laugh at me. To think a mole hates the dark. I would like the light but it hurts my eyes. Is there a place not too light but not too dark? Please help me!


Roger the mole

P.S. Do you think I'm strange?

Dear Roger the mole

I don't think your strange I think your crazy. You go in and out, in and out. I did that before but not with light. I think you should live in a park, not i the light.

perrrrrfectly yours

Tabby D. Cat

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