Thursday, May 19, 2011

Allergy season!

Dear Tabby,

My cat, Reba (named after my Grandmother, who hated cats), has a funny habit that mystifies me. Whenever I sneeze, she meows real loud. And it's not a sweet meow, more like a "Hey, cut out the racket!" meow.  If I try a fake sneeze she doesn't react at all. What do you think she's trying to say?

Attached is a photo of Reba, on the left. The other cat is Scooter, who doesn't care about my sneezes, or anything else.

- Tom L.
Dear Tom L.
First of all, welcome to my blog! Dear Readers, Tom L. is the super-famous children's book author and illustrator Tom Lichtenheld. You can read all about him here:
I must say, Tom L., that I am fascinated by the fact that you are spending time fake sneezing for your cat and waiting for said cat to respond. I hope you are not neglecting your deadlines in favor of pursuing this rather odd activity. 
My suggestion to you is to start taking some allergy medication for that sneeze of yours. I imagine Reba is terrifically annoyed by it. And of course she knows when you're faking a sneeze. She is, after all, a cat. I'm sure she also knows that the treat you put in her carrying case when it's time to go to the vet is just a trick.

Purrfectly yours--

Tabby D. Cat

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