Tuesday, May 10, 2011


What kind of blog would this be if it didn't have a contest?

And yes, this contest is for a signed copy of my book Dear Tabby and is open to elementary schools everywhere! The first school to send me a package filled with Dear Tabby letters, drawings or photographs will receive a personalized Dear Tabby book with a few little extras tossed in for fun!

In the meantime I will be lounging in that special sunny spot by the front door awaiting your package. But please don't waste your money on Fed Ex. (The Fed Ex guy tries to trick me with cat treats but I know deep down inside he is a dog lover.) The good old post office is plenty fast enough.

And who am I kidding? I'm sure there will also be a second and third place prize. I cannot resist giving things away. I am a most generous, kind and thoughtful cat. Not to mention  gorgeous.

Happy writing, dear students! 

Purrfectly yours--

Tabby D. Cat

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