Monday, May 2, 2011

Week One!

The students at The Hillcrest School were kind enough to be the first ones to write to me, Tabby D. Cat. I'll post a few this week. I think you'll agree these are thought-provoking letters!

Dear Tabby: My fish are very slow. How do I make them go faster? Your friend-- Grace

Dear Grace: Hmmm...just how slow are they? Are they slow enough that the average alley cat could possibly catch one with her paw with one fell swoop? And how many of them are there? Would you say there are enough for a snack for an average alley cat, or are there enough for a meal? Are they nice and fat? I'd say that the best way to speed your fish up is to let a certain alley cat into the room with them. That will wake ‘em up! Purrfectly yours-- Tabby D. Cat


  1. Love the design of this blog--is the artwork yours, Caroline? Or is it from the book? Very charming.

  2. The artwork is from the book. David Roberts is terrific!!

  3. Dear Tabby,

    I know the kids at Hillcrest will be thrilled with your replies, although I think Jack was hoping you could sneak into Wrigley Field on little cat's paws and chase out the curse!

    Betsy from Hillcrest the LRC

  4. Gotta love that Jack! A true fan! I'm rooting for him!