Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bored Dogs

Dear Tabby: 

My dog is always very bored. What should I do?

Your friend, Gerda

Dear Gerda:

I decided to post your wonderful picture because I think it holds the answer. Why don't you dress up for your dog like you are in the picture? I know dogs aren't especially fond of being dressed up themselves, so it might be fun if the tables were turned for once. If you're lucky your dog might even give you a treat afterward.

Think about it.

Purrfectly yours,

Tabby D. Cat


  1. Gerda, don't you have windows at your place? The squirels are running rampant these days - bark, girl, bark.
    Princess Rosey - don't laugh a 3 year old named me.

  2. Princess Rosey is a fine, fine name! Give that 3 year old a sardine! And thanks for the advice, Princess. How could I have forgotten about squirrels? Cats love them too, you know.