Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Letter from Lisa Wheeler's Dog Cricket

Dear Tabby,

Ever since I was a pup I heard that Border Collies are supposed to be the smartest breed of dog. Even my owners are buying into this nonsense! They expect me to perform complicated tricks, like jumping through hoops, walking on my back legs, and balancing the checkbook. I haven't even mastered fetch-the-stick. It's too much pressure!

I am not super-smart. I like to eat, sleep and scratch. I am happy to be a dog without a degree. How can I get my owners to lower their expectations when the world wants to stereotype me?

Your underachieving friend,


Dear Underachieving Cricket,

I hear you my nap-loving, snack-loving, scratch-loving friend! The world expects me to be witty, wise, wonderful and perfect 100% of the time, when really I am only witty, wise, wonderful and perfect 99.999% of the time. With greatness comes this challenge.

But here is a secret, dear Cricket--their expectations are their problem, not yours! I say, revel in your underachievement! Toss aside all those human aspirations and just keep doing what you enjoy. And really, isn't "fetch-the-stick" completely overrated anyway? Why bring the stick back? What is the purpose of that? Just so that it can be tossed again? I suspect that humans came up with that "game."

I think, Cricket, that judging by this letter you are actually a lot smarter than you think you are. 

By the way, the rug I see in the background looks a lot like the rug Carolyn Crimi has in her living room! Is it from Pottery Barn?
Purrfectly yours,

Tabby D. Cat

FYI---If you'd like to read more about the award winning author Lisa Wheeler and see more pictures of her fantabulous dog Cricket, go to her website:


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